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OWREN is governed by a Board of Directors.  Each OWREN Director is an unpaid volunteer who donates a significant amount of their personal time to OWREN. The OWREN Board is a 'working board'.  Each Director must also serve on a committee and works to ensure that OWREN is able to deliver its programs and conferences for members.  The commitment of time for Directors (including both Board and committee duties) is estimated to be 6-8+ hours per week.


The most significant time contribution required of OWREN Directors is delivered in the months preceding the annual OWREN conference. You must have (and be willing to devote) a very large amount of free time available each year for conference planning and course planning responsibilities.  Depending on the time of year OWREN holds its conference or courses, this time obligation can and sometimes does coincide with the peak times in rehab season.  If you are not prepared to give this up, then board work may not be for you.


You are also expected to be in attendance at all OWREN functions and the conference when it is held.  It is a significant responsibility to be able to help OWREN deliver its educational programs through the year.  Although it can be time consuming, it is very rewarding to realize you are providing these opportunities for new wildlife rehabilitators, those already authorized, others in related professions and to members of the public who have a vested interest in wildlife rehabilitation. You are using your skills and professional abilities to help grow wildlife rehabilitation in Ontario. 


The Board is always receptive to applications from individuals who feel that they have the skills and the time to contribute to the organization.  Candidates for this position should be self-motivated and professional and have proven and demonstrable skills in the following areas:


  financial/business qualifications

  proficiency with Windows based computers, MS Office databases and programs

  events coordination, organization, and planning

  grant writing/fundraising experience

  volunteer management, or educator

  proven and demonstrated proficiency and experience in desktop publishing and graphic design

  veterinarian, biologist (wildlife)

  science/technology writing or editing skills


Because OWREN's Directors reside throughout the province, the use of today's technology is our most balanced approach for conducting business. Each Director must have a reliable computer, be computer literate, familiar with Microsoft software applications, PDF documents, and have reliable and dependable high speed access to the Internet. You will be required to participate in monthly board meetings held online at times.


Directors must be members of OWREN in good standing, and are nominated by the board.  Each application must be accompanied by a signed letter from two OWREN members (in good standing) indicating why each feels the applicant is qualified. All applications are carefully considered based on the skills and ability of the applicant to help the Board achieve its goals and if there are any openings on the board at the current time, in those areas.


If you believe you have the time to make a serious commitment to OWREN, and have demonstrable skills that you are willing to put to use to assist the Board in achieving its goals, please send an email to:  owren.online (at) gmail (dot) com. We'd love to hear from you!


If you just want to volunteer to serve on one of OWREN's subcommittees, we'd be happy to put you to work.  Contact us! 


Send mail to owren.online (at) gmail (dot) com  with questions or comments about this web site.
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