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Looking for ....

 generous and compassionate individuals, companies, or organizations

to donate the following items to OWREN

  • Laptop computers to run PowerPoint presentations (P4 minimum - used for conferences/courses)

  • Laser printer - black and white printer (in good working order, with a heavy duty rating)

  • Laser printer - colour printer (in good working order with a heavy duty rating)

  • Office photocopier heavy duty rating, in good working order

  • Portable Display Stands/Booths (2 - used for conferences/courses)

  • Literature Racks (used for conferences/courses)

  • TV/VCR Combo portable (2 - used for conferences/courses)

  • Projection Screens (2 - used for conferences/courses)

  • Envelopes (#10) and 9"x12" or larger, brown envelopes

  • Photocopy paper, plain, or coloured

  • Card stock (plain or coloured)

  • Laminator

  • Supplies (medical) for courses/workshops (outdated supplies are quite suitable for use in course workshops)

     -  cast padding in rolls, 2" and 4" width

     -  cling gauze in rolls, 2" and 4" width

     -  stretchy gauze in rolls, 2" and 4" width

     -  Vetwrap or Coban - 2" and 4" width

     -  Micropore (or similar low stick adhesive) bandage tape in rolls

     -  Waterproof bandage tape in rolls

     -  bandage scissors

     -  disposable gloves - assorted sizes (Nitrile, Vinyl)

     -  disposable face masks

     -  lab coats assorted sizes or disposable smocks/aprons

     -  Syringes - 1 cc; 3 cc; and larger

     -  Feeding syringes and feeding tubes 

     -  Needles - 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/2" - 25G and smaller

     -  #4, #8 French catheters and 'Tomcat' catheters

     -  Hand sanitizer in pump bottles

     -  Disposable plastic table covers (tablecloths)

     -  Absorbent disposable pads (approx 24"x24")

     -  Paper towels

     -  Kleenex


If you can help by donating any of these items,

please send an email to owren.online (at) gmail (dot) com 

We'd be most grateful to you!


Send mail to owren.online (at) gmail (dot) com  with questions or comments about this web site.
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