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Next courses tentatively scheduled for

end of February 2017

in Niagara Falls, ON.


If you would like to be added to our email mailing list

and have us send out a notification to you so you can register

when we do have a course date/location confirmed, be sure to send us an email.

owren.online (at) gmail (dot) com

PLEASE INCLUDE your email address and your snail mail address!


We'll notify you as soon as something is booked.

If no courses are listed here, it means we do not yet have confirmation

on any other locations/dates

- as soon as we do -

the information will be on this page for you.


Please read all the way to the bottom of this page for detailed information!!

The majority of your questions on what is covered in the courses,

and other relevant information about them and the registration process,

are readily and easily answered below.



General Info about OWREN Courses.

*  Registrations are filled on a first come - first served basis.

*  Classes usually fill up quickly. Don't delay sending in  your registration!

*  If you are registering with a group or with friends, put all the registrations in the same envelope with payment so they arrive together.

*  PAYMENT IN FULL must accompany all registrations.  We cannot and do not hold seats.

*  Sorry, we do not accept credit cards. We do accept Interac e-Transfers for fast payment and registration. These are made through your bank.  See below for more information on e-Transfers.

*  If using snail mail with cheque, money order, it must reach us on or before the stated deadline for registration. No exceptions.

*  If  you are registering late, consider using Canada Post or other courier service to ensure it reaches us by the specified deadline. 

*  In the event that the course is full or does not meet minimum registration to proceed and is cancelled, your payment will be returned or refunded in full.

*  There are no refunds issued after the stated deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS, sorry. In case of inclement weather course will go ahead without cancellation, instructor will be present even if you are not, and no refunds will be issued. Please plan your travel accordingly.

*  Study guides for Basic Skills will be sent to you when registration deadline has passed.. Note that there are no study guides for Beyond Basic Skills course that are sent out in advance, nor is there an exam component for Beyond Basic Skills.

*  When course is full and registration closes you will be notified by email.  This website will also be updated to indicate that registration has closed.

Course brochures with info and registration form for mailing in are in PDF format.  Registration for Interac e-Transfer are in MS Word format for easier completion and return via email.



-  Your FULL LEGAL NAME as you wish it to appear on your name badge and certificates.

-  Your FULL MAILING ADDRESS to ensure you receive your study guides.

-  Your EMAIL ADDRESS. We must have a legitimate email address for you as it is our primary means of communicating with you.

To Send an Interac e-Transfer: 


 Log in to your online or mobile banking at your participating financial institution.

*  Choose Interac e-Transfer within the Transfer/Payment menu options.

*  Select a recipient by entering an email address and or mobile phone number.

*  Fill in the Interac e-Transfer information (dollar amount) , account from which you wish to withdraw your payment, and a security 'question' that only the recipient can answer.  Add any personal message you wish to add.

*  Follow the remaining instructions on your banking website to confirm your information and complete the transfer. 

*  Save a copy to a file you have designated and complete the course registration and save a copy of it as well.  Send one copy to owren.online@gmail.com and don't forget to include the answer to your secrest question. 

Done!  Fast, efficient, easy and safe!


FAQ about OWREN's courses (please read!)




Can I combine and pay for my membership and course registration fee with one cheque/money order?

Yes, you can.

Does the course registration fee include a  membership also?

No, the course registration fee is only for the course.  Membership fees are optional and are additional.

Can I join OWREN now and save money by paying only the member registration rate for the course?

Yes, you can.  Just add the two amounts (registration and membership) and make one payment for bothwhen you mail in your course fees. This option is not retroactive - membership fee must be included with your course registration for this offer to be valid (e.g. you can't send it in a week later).

What does a one-year membership in OWREN cost?  What does a membership give you? 

Individual member $35.00,

Family member (2 persons) $55.00,

Organization (3 persons) $80.00


Membership includes subscription to OWREN Network News newsletter, and membership in OWRENmail, an email mailing list for OWREN members only. Discounts on course fees, conferences, symposiums and some workshops  also.

(Note:  Fees are subject to change)

Can I register for and take the Beyond Basics course immediately after the Basic Skills course even if I don't know if I have passed the Basics course yet?

Yes, passing or failing the Basic Skills course is not relevant to taking the Beyond Basic Skills course. Passing does not 'give' you a wildlife custodian authorization - you must apply for that through the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.  A successful passing grade only exempts you from having to write the Ministry's test.  (OWREN's test and the Ministry's test are the same thing.)  OWREN does not have the legal authority to issue authorizations. Applications, and inspections for rehabilitation authorizations are the jurisdiction and responsibility of the Ministry (provincial) and/or the Canadian Wildlife Service (federal).

I can't open or download the attachment to print out a registration. What should I do? Can you send it to me in another format?

We use either Microsoft Word document format or PDF formats.  Both are universally accepted methods used by business and organizations for file sharing and sending information.  We do not use any other format for registrations. If you're using a Mac computer you'll need to convert it to either of those two formats. Your computer may be set up to prevent you from downloading from the web or your version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is not current. Download and install the newest version (FREE)  Add OWREN to your trusted sites in your browser security settings and your antivirus programs. Try saving the file to your desktop and then open Adobe Acrobat Reader, navigate to the saved file and open it from within. 

1) I am not yet 19 but will be in a few months, can I still register for the courses? 

2) I have young children who are currently doing volunteer work at a wildlife centre - can I register all of us and bring them to take this course?

No, the legal age to take this course is 19. We cannot make any exceptions, e.g. even with parental accompaniment. 

Can I take the Beyond Basic Skills course without first taking the Basic Skills course?

It is not recommended unless you have some previous hands-on experience working with wildlife and have at least received introductory training about basic wildlife rehabilitation skills (e.g. taken the OWREN Wildlife Rehabilitation Basic Skills course. (Experience with domestic animals is not considered the equivalent to having basic wildlife skills experience.)  You can register for both courses (Beyond Basics and Basics) at the same time.

What happens if I write the exam for the Basic Skills course and I fail the test? What are my options?

You can rewrite the exam at the next OWREN course that is held (small administration fee applies) or you can take your time and study the guides for as long as you need and make arrangements to write the exam at your nearest MNRF office when you feel ready.

Do I have to write the Basic Skills test?

No. You can choose not to take the test. You will instead be issued a Certificate of Participation that indicates you have not written the test.  If you want to take the course for information only and have no intention or plans to apply for your own wildlife custodial authorization, you don't have to take the test. You still must complete both days of the course and all the hands on components of the training modules to earn a Participation Certificate.

What if I need accommodations or have no transportation to get there?

You must make your own room reservations and arrangements for transportation to and from the course. We provide basic info on nearby accommodations to assist you but we cannot and do not verify any of them. You can also search on Google for alternate accommodations to suit you. We do not provide  information about other course registrants for the purpose of room or ride sharing due to privacy issues. Bring a friend or two and share with them! 

What are the fees for the courses?

Basic Skills Course (2 day course)

- OWREN Member: 

    Individual $200.00

    Family (2 persons) $400.00,

    Org. (3 persons) $600.00, 

    Student (full-time) $165.00.  

- Non-Member: 

    Individual $245.00, Student (full-time) $210.00

 (Note:  Fees are subject to change)


Beyond Basic Skills Course (1 day course)

  - OWREN Member:

       Individual $120.00,

       Family (2 persons) $240.00,

       Org/ (3 persons) $36000,

       Student (full-time) $100.00.  

  - Non-Member

       Individual $145.00,

       Student (full-time) $120.00

 (Note:  Fees are subject to change)

What is included in my course registration?

Basic Skills:  

  Lunch* both days; 3 study guides sent to you when the course is confirmed; and a course manual distributed the first day of class.  The test questions are derived only from the material contained in the study guides, so you need to read and understand those to prepare to write the test. The study guides are mailed out in advance of the course start date.

*Note:  We are only able to offer two lunch options - Regular or Vegetarian


Beyond Basic Skills: 

  Lunch*, and a course manual and handouts - distributed the day of class. (There is no test in the Beyond Basic Skills course, this is a lecture only seminar and does not use carcasses.) *Note:  We are able to offer only two lunch options - Regular or Vegetarian



  Lunch included in workshop fees. Handouts provided.

*Note:  We are able to offer only two lunch options - Regular or Vegetarian

What is the cancellation policy on courses?

There are no refunds for any cancellations received after 11:59 pm on the stated deadline for registration

Sorry but there are no exceptions. In times where there is a possibility of inclement weather, we do not cancel the courses. If we confirm that they are full and will be a 'go', they will go on regardless. Please plan your travel accordingly as we are unable to issue refunds or make alternate arrangements for you, as a result of bad weather.  


Should the course be cancelled by OWREN, due to insufficient registration, all course fees paid will be refunded in full. 

When and where is the next course going to be held?

Course dates and locations are posted to this website when those dates and locations are confirmed. 

If you do not see any dates/locations listed, that means there are none scheduled. Bookmark the site and keep checking back! 

The website is our primary means for letting you know a course is coming up, our Facebook page is a secondary means, if you happen to use their services.  

If you want to be added to a list and be notified of any new dates send us an email with your information in it and we'll send you a notice when we post new dates/locations to the site.   

Can I register and pay by Credit Card? 

No, unfortunately service charges for merchant credit card terminals and processing fees for groups like ours are exorbitant. We would have to pass on those extra costs to you and you wouldn't like that at all.  Neither would we.


How does an Interac e-money transfer work?  How can I pay faster than snail mail and is it safe?


What is an INTERAC e-Transfer? If you use online or mobile banking at a participating financial institution, you can send and receive money quickly and easily.

Email or text messages carry the notice while the financial institutions securely transfer the money using existing payment networks. If your financial institution does not yet offer INTERAC e-Transfer, you can still deposit transfers to any bank account in Canada.

Click  http://www.interac.ca/en/interac-etransfer/etransfer-detail for details.


How safe is it? How safe do you feel having your real signature on a paper cheque in the mail system?  Electronic transfers are much safer. We never see your  information, you never see ours.  The cost? About the same service charge as using an ATM machine with your debit card from a bank that isn't your primary bank. That's what an e-money transfer is...you using Interac to withdraw the money and deposit your payment to OWREN's account. There is an extra safety step as you will be instructed to send us the answer to a secret question you devise. Just follow the directions at your bank's online website when you make the transfer.  The links above and below, explain what Interac e-money transfers are, how they work and how to use one - it will open in a separate window:  http://www.interac.ca/en/interac-etransfer/etransfer-detail

What about the registration form, how will you know what I paid for? 

To simplify registering with Interac e-money transfer, we have prepared a form for both courses for you to complete, just download the appropriate form, (MSWord document) and type your information into the fields.  Save a copy of the completed document for your records and return it to us via email. Use the links above to download the form. (Will open in a new window or just right click and save to your desktop).


You can also print out the registration form, fill it out (use black ink please) then scan it, save it as a PDF file, and email it to us.  Alternatively you can simply type all the relevant information we need (what you would be filling out on the registration forms) into an email and total up what you're registering for, and send us the email letting us know what the payment is going to cover. 

If we need your actual signature on a membership form e.g. to verify you are an authorized wildlife custodian who wants to be included in the OWREN directory, we'll see to it that you get that form when you pick up your registration packet

Designed for those who want to develop more than a basic knowledge of best practices in wildlife rehabilitation or common native wildlife.  


Information on natural history, habits, diets and husbandry for the care of common native wild animals is critical to successful rehabilitation. To help you make the best treatment choices for wildlife in rehabilitation you need to develop an understanding of what to do for common injuries and illnesses in various wildlife species and this course will give you that knowledge and confidence. 


This course will focus on common native wildlife (mammals, birds, reptiles) admitted to rehabilitation facilities in Ontario, and will cover:


*  Injuries, diseases, illness and treatment including fluid therapy

*  Diets and formula—for all age groups

*  Housing and handling—for all ages

*  Enrichment for wildlife in rehabilitation

*  Keeping the ‘wild’ in wildlife and determining release readiness

*  Special handling for RVS species


Natural history, habitats, and food sources critical for best practices used in rehabilitation will be addressed through resource materials distributed to each student.


This course is a lecture series only and does not involve the use of cadavers. No exam accompanies the course.

If you would like registration information sent to you when other future dates

(those not listed above) are confirmed, please email us at:


Be sure to include: 

your name,

full mailing address,

postal code,

telephone number,

and your email address.




Would you like to have an OWREN Wildlife Rehabilitation Basic Skills Course in your area?  You can!  We can send you our hosting requirements if you feel you can organize or have sufficient interest from enough individuals to meet the minimum required for registration, to hold a class in your area.


Contact us at owren.online(at)gmail(dot)com if you need more information.


Courses can be arranged for any group in any location.  Vet tech students, government staff, humane society/animal control agencies, veterinary clinics, etc., will find the course content informative and helpful. Contact us!


If you require a specialized or shortened course (not the equivalent to MNR's OWRE test requirements) we may be able to tailor something for your group.  Please contact us with your needs.

Send mail to owren.online (at) gmail (dot) com  with questions or comments about this web site.
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