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Order your copy by downloading the order form:

2015 Order form in PDF - click HERE

Simply fill it out and send it in! 

You may also download and save a Word doc. copy, fill it in,

email it to us at (at) gmail (dot) com

 and use Interac e-Transfer for your payment.

Please note:   

Your copy will be mailed to you - when it is ready.

The directory lists names and information for OWREN members. 

It is published to assist and encourage individuals and organizations to network and

communicate with each other to improve the quality of wildlife rehabilitation and education.

The membership listings and specialties index are in alphabetical order.

The directory is protected by copyright and no part of it may be copied

or distributed to others without written permission from OWREN. 

The Directory is intended for use as a reference document and may not be used

as a distribution list for any personal purposes, or for any commercial use or benefit.

OWREN publishes the information submitted to it as a service to its members. 

OWREN does not verify the correctness of this information, nor does it

endorse the qualifications of any individual or organization listed herein.


A Word About the OWREN Directory Listings


*NOTE: The vast majority of wildlife custodians and rehabilitation centres in Ontario

are not paid for the work they do or the services they provide in their own communities. 

They depend on community donations, and their own fundraising efforts.

Shortfalls are often funded by the custodian’s own personal income

to maintain the ability to provide care for these animals.

If you want to help, please support the independent wildlife custodian

or rehabilitation centre in your area.


NO individual rehabilitator or wildlife rehabilitation centre has unlimited resources

(caging, manpower, funding, etc.) necessary to responsibly and effectively

care for all the wildlife that may be presented to them. 

Thus, a listing in this directory should not be taken to imply that an individual or a centre,

can, or will, accept ALL wildlife brought to them, at ALL times. 

(Some custodians may only have the knowledge or resources to effectively

care for the species or age groups listed beside their names). 


Please be aware of these limitations when contacting these individuals or centres

(or when referring them to members of the public) and whenever possible,

please contact the individual or facility directly by telephone and make arrangements,

in advance, before you deliver wildlife to them.


In order to maintain their authorizations, Ontario's Wildlife Custodians are obliged

to abide by a set of conditions established by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

(with respect to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act)

These conditions relate to the various aspects of wildlife rehabilitation

(record keeping, release, etc.)  

You can get this information from your district MNR office.



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