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We could easily title these pages "When Wildlife Behaves Badly".....


It's a fact of life that conflicts between wildlife and humans do happen. There are many ways that human activities encroach on wildlife habitats and cause problems for the animals that once lived there. In turn, sometimes the animals cause problems for humans as we find ourselves both competing for the same spot on this earth. These pages offer helpful suggestions for minimizing, and humanely resolving these conflicts when they occur.


If you find yourself in a situation where a wild animal needs to be excluded from your home, be certain that you hire only a reputable humane wildlife removal/control company.  There are far too many companies that do not take the needs of the wildlife into consideration and cause harm and death to the animal, when in 99.99% of the cases, killing the animal is not a solution. 


Too many of these companies do the job and then leave you with orphaned wildlife because they don't bother to check if the adult they removed and dispatched was a lactating female with dependent young babies. Given the chance, wildlife can be encouraged to move out, mothers can and will relocate their babies, and no harm comes to the animal.


You may need a professional to help you to do this if you are unable or unwilling to follow the simple steps offered on these pages. It's a two stage process because unless the access point to your home is secured to prevent re-entry, the problem has not been solved.  Another animal will just move in. Do your homework before hiring and don't let 'price' be the only consideration for who you hire. 


Click on any link above or below for general or species specific information on handling conflicts with wildlife and for wildlife proofing your home.  We suggest you begin with the General Wildlife Proofing page and give your home a good assessment before any problems arise.  The old adage 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure' holds true in these instances.


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