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Wildlife rehabilitation is not a 'hobby' that people engage simply because they 'love animals'. Wild animals don't understand the concept of being 'loved'.  They view us as the enemy and rightfully maintain a healthy fear of human beings.  Domestic animals such as cats and dogs need and thrive on being 'loved' but that concept does not apply to a wild animal.


Wildlife rehabilitation is a profession - not a hobby.  It bears repeating - twice. Like any other profession, it comes with a great deal of responsibility.  It is made up of rules, regulations, conditions, facility inspections, detailed recordkeeping, special training, special housing and handling, among many other things.  Those who rehabilitate wildlife, have only the best interests of the wild animals in mind and they work to preserve and respect their wild nature.


Responsible and professional wildlife rehabilitators follow a universally accepted 'Code of Ethics' in their work.  Click HERE or on the link above to read it. 


This profession is definitely not for everyone, and it is definitely not safe or practical for children to engage in.  Children can and should be encouraged to help native wildlife in other ways.


What Is Wildlife Rehabilitation - Is It For You?


We recommend you download and take the time to read this booklet.  It deals with many myths concerning wildlife rehabilitation and explains what it is and isn't.  Those who still feel that this is the profession for them, are encouraged to follow through.


Click HERE to download this booklet:  Wildlife Rehabilitation - Is It For You?






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