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The Best Northern Cities To Visit In The UK

The UK is renowned for its capital London, however there are so many other fantastic cities for you to explore that are very different to London! So, we’d definitely recommend visiting some of these northern cities whilst you’re in the UK to get the full experience, from shopping centres in Leeds to iconic streets of Manchester.


First up we have Leeds, known for its iconic Victorian arcades which are fantastic for shopping, endless world renowned sporting events, a calendar full of festivals, stunning architecture and independent restaurants. This is known to be such a friendly northern city which is much more affordable in terms of accommodation and spending than southern counterparts. Parking in Leeds is also very reasonable if you have rented a car for your travels, with so many stunning hotels to choose from. Back to the shopping which Leeds is famous for, where there are so many incredible designers, high street and independent shops all across the city, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you’re heading up to Scotland for a visit, then Leeds is a great place to stop off on your way up there,


Another fantastic city in the UK which is quite different to any of the others is Edinburgh. Up in Scotland, Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, with stunning castles, centuries old architecture and cobbled streets. However, Edinburgh also provides the perfect combination of modern and historic, as this University town has so much to offer in terms of things to do, whether you want to curl up with a cup of coffee in an old book shop or you want a fun night out with your friends. You can get everything in this city, and as it’s such a beautiful place with a rich heritage, we’d recommend doing a walking tour to make sure you can fully appreciate what it has to offer.


Manchester is increasingly being considered as the capital of the North and we can see why! This incredible city has many of the benefits of London, whilst being smaller so you can see everything in a weekend. Known as being home to football, having iconic art galleries and of course one of the world’s best music scenes, your options for things to do in this city are endless. If you’re wanting a fun night out, then Manchester is the place to be, particularly the Northern Quarter where we know you’ll have a great night. The food scene in Manchester is also fantastic, with some of the UK’s and the world’s best chefs having restaurants, as well as so many more affordable and fun places to eat. As with Leeds, Manchester is a great place to stop off if you’re heading up to Scotland! Whilst you’re here, try and go to a gig, because there’s so many great venues showcasing up and coming talent, so you might just witness the next big star! What a story that would be.