What is Special About Astronomical Clock in Prague?

The capital city of the Czech Republic (Prague) is rich in history and art. Prague’s origin dates to the Romanesque era. It likewise progressed through the Renaissance, Gothic, and Baroque periods.

Among the top amazing things Prague is known for is the Prague astronomical clock. It’s an amazing medieval astronomical clock attached to the Old Town Hall of Prague. The clock is also referred to as the Prague Orloj. 

Interesting Facts about The Prague Astronomical Clock

The Prague Astronomical Clock – the mysterious jewel of the Old Town Square is unique. Here are some fun facts about the Prague astronomical clock. 

  1. You can climb up to the clock tower to enjoy the view of Old Town Square. This can be captured from different floors above ground level. Whenever you are on a visit, the inner workings of the astronomical clock are very visible. Enjoy the view! 
  2. Sometime in 1410, the Prague astronomical clock was first installed. The clock is the third-oldest astronomical clock ever installed worldwide. It is currently the oldest astronomical clock currently in operation. By the year 1490, the lower calendar of the clock had been added. In the same year, stunning Gothic statues were included. 
  3. The clock does not simply tell time like you are used to. This astronomical clock shows only Sidereal, Old Bohemian, German, and Babylonian times. That’s not all, and the Prague clock also displays the journey of the sun across the zodiac and the several phases of the moon. 
  4. The 12 Apostles sculptures! On the Prague astronomical clock is the sculpture of the 12 Apostles; this is very striking! These sculptures move, and they are carved with wood. You will find the masterpiece in the upper region of the clock. It displays whenever the clock hits the hour.


Prague is known for many amazing things, and the Prague Astronomical Clock is one you should see when on tour. Never miss the iconic piece offered by history.

Spending a few hours there will give you the whole experience of these stunning clocks. Simply relax and watch the mechanisms of the clocks in full force.